Luganet SA with its presence on the territory since 1986, is the oldest System Integrator in Ticino and the leader in the ICT sector. By providing integrated solutions for the management of IT infrastructures and by implementing them through innovative projects, Luganet always offers his experience to fit customers’ business needs. Luganet has a clear mission in mind: to provide its customers with a strategic vision to allow them to position strongly and effectively on the market by using the technology as a business driver.


 After several years of business, Luganet decided to create its own cloud infrastructure within a local provider, in order to be able to meet the market demand. After a very initial period, a peak in this request pushed the System Integrator to feel the urgency to increase the level of the service, to ensure customers with higher level of security and performances. This meant for the to move to a more stable, reliable and certified Data center.


After a market investigation to find the right Data center, Luganet relocated into Bancadati and increased its portfolio by adding a number of new services, in addition to the already successful ones. Virtual Machines, Back-up services and Disaster Recovery DR), were an obvious choice since they finally found a reliable infrastructure able to support them. “(…)there are some services that mandatory require the highest level of security and data availability and in Bancadati we found the stability they needed to start.”

A further advantage that Luganet met after his settlement in Bancadati, was referred to the specific category of businesses that didn’t accept the idea of moving their data outside the company’s HQ. “(…)For them it was really unthinkable to trust a facility that was not their own one.” Only after touring the infrastructure and understanding how it really works, made it much easier for them to see the huge difference between a stable Data center focused on security and stability, and internal infrastructure. “(…)in Bancadati we found a partner more than a supplier, we can rely on them to meet customer and guiding them to the best solution, in a win-win situation.”

“(…)Being based in Ticino, thanks also to the partnership with Bancadati, allows us to offer the local excellence to provide global services”

(A. Molinaroli)


The decision to increase the number of services in the portfolio, has proven to be a winning move, as it perfectly reflects the demands of the market. After a few months Luganet has reached the following numbers, constantly growing:

– More than 50 existing Virtual Machines
– More than 50 Terabytes of back-up used
– Disaster Recovery can restore everything in less than 1 hour
Via Arbostra 2, 6963 Lugano