Colocation Section
Which are the colocation option I have?

You can choose among different options:

  • If your requirement is to stay in an enclosure, you can choose between half rack (21U) and full rack (42U)
  • If you need a further level of secuirity we can create a project together for a secure cage, where only specific people can access
  • If your IT requierement are strict, you can have a full room dedicated with limited access to only people authorized by you
What is the difference between a half and full rack?

Basically the difference lays in two features:

  • Unit space
  • Power included per month

In the half rack you will have 21 units available and 1KW power included, whereas in the full rack there is space for 42 units and the power monthly included is 2KW.

What happens if I consume more power?

No problem at all!

You just will be billed for the extra power consumption at the end of the month. 

How long does it take to have a rack set up?

Normally for us it take 4 week to deliver the rack.

How do you monitor power consumption?

We install 2 managed PDUs in each rack that are monitored through the PRTG system. 

Which SLA do you offer?

In order to have our SLA contract please get in touch with us.


What type of billing do you use?

We invoice monthly in advance the 14th of each month.