The best features from the Swiss tradition together with the latest technology,  to build the most reliable Data Center in Switzerland to start your Digital Transformation. 


Why choosing a Data Center in Switzerland?

Being politically neutral and praising strong privacy laws and a culture based on confidentiality and security,
Switzerland is very attractive for companies interested in keeping data in Europe, instead of moving overseas


Switzerland praise a strategic position with the major European cities within 2 hours travel. The physical position protects it from natural catastrophe that could threaten the safety of data.


Switzerland has a long tradition signed by keeping distance from the world’s major facts, making it safe and politically stable, gaining the status of one of the safest countries in the world.


The Federal Act on Data Protection forbids unauthorized access to data kept in Switzerland in any format, meaning that nobody unauthorized can access data legally stored in Swiss centers.

Our values


At Bancadati we take security seriously.  It is a continuous process that improves every day in order to maintain the Data center at the highest standards. Security gives our customers the serenity of storing data inside our facility.


Bancadati treats customers with huge respect to develop and nurture long lasting relationships. Our commitment stays at the heart of everything we do: we listen, understand and meet customers’ needs in whatever we do.


Switzerland is ideal for data protection being politically neutral and praising high privacy laws and a culture based on confidentiality and security, resulting very attractive for companies interested in keeping data in Europe. 


Integrity of our team means trust for our customers. It instills reliability and stability to customers by sharing a sense of seriousness and dedication. We are committed to draw up a transparent and secure Data center.

Our Mission

We aim to be the hub for innovation, the fucus point for business to start the Digital Transformation. Our goal is to make Switzerland a land of innovation.

Our Vision

We see a world where Digital Transformation is the driver for enterprises. A world where one day, technology will be the beating heart of the business itself.