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Our Tier III Data Center, located in Manno, sits on more than 1’200 sqm divided into four rooms entirely dedicated to colocation and data storage. Most major European cities are within 2 hours of travel, making it a strategic hub for those companies who want to expand their business or need a second location. With an N+1 design and an uptime higher than that defined by the category, Bancadati guarantees complete redundancy of all critical systems and ensures business continuity.

We aim to become the reliable partner for those companies that identified Switzerland as the ideal country to expand their business. We know that undergoing this process could be difficult. That’s why we focus on a customer-centric approach, where customer experience is over everything. Reliability, mutual trust, and high-quality operations are our competitive advantages to meet customer demands and deliver a positive customer experience.




The cooling system uses groundwater, which, through two redundant wells with a collection concession of 1’800 liters/minute, provides water between 12°C and 15°C to the server-cooling machines. An evaporative tower with adiabatic process of 1’500 kWf guarantees the service continuity in case of well breakdown or maintenance.



A medium voltage input with a substation of four transformers of 1’000 kVA each guarantees electricity supply. Likewise, four main electrical panels distribute energy to the Data Center on redundant and separate lines following different paths. The secondary distribution brings power to the rooms, and each rack receives redundant power from two distinct and independent lines.



In case of power failure, 2 groups composed of 3 UPS of 300 kVA each, guarantee power supply continuity for 10 minutes at full load. Then, within one minute, Diesel engine-generators of 900 kVA each come into operation, providing the necessary energy for the whole Data Center. The possibility to supply power while the system is working, guarantees energy during long blackouts.



The Data Center has a double-sensor detection system and an automatic extinction system with 42 tanks of Inergen inert gas, harmless for people and machines. The dual detection sensors identify the area requiring it, and in a few seconds, the system distributes the gas with a modulated pressure of 50 bar. The cooling systems keep working, thus ensuing the temperature set-point is maintained.



It is possible to autonomously access the Data Center 24/7/365 through biometric controls and RFID tags, which contain the credentials. The entire Data Center is monitored 24/7 through a video surveillance system with registration activated by motion detection and H24 assistance.


Country Attractiveness

Thanks to its central position, political stability, and innate privacy, Switzerland became the ideal country for colocation and data storage purposes in the last years.

Strategic position

Switzerland is a crucial commercial crossroad and acts as a gateway to the European markets. Despite its central position it is not part of the EU, however, several bilateral agreements enable it to benefit from the proximity to countries such as Germany, Italy, and France. Surrounded by the Alps, the country is protected by any natural catastrophe.

Stable, safe and secure

Historically neutral and with a stable economy and politics, Switzerland can be considered one of the world’s safest countries. The Swiss Franc, listed among the most robust currencies, can guarantee high security and stability for investments.


The Federal Act on Data Protection forbids unauthorized access to data legally kept in Switzerland in any format.

Competitive Taxation

Switzerlandʼs federal tax system is known internationally for being very attractive for companies and entrepreneurs that can benefit from lower tax rates.


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