– ABOUT 7networks

7networks is a Swiss company founded in 2016 that operates in the field of information technology, dealing  with system integration, telecommunications and data security. The experience of 7networks as a System Integrator enables them to work side by side with customers in an efficient and extremely reliable way. Whether you are a medium-sized or small business, with simple needs or with more complex operations, 7networks always offers the highest level of expertise and flexibility to meet the customers needs.


“When we started our business we decided that the foundations of the company would have been based on a spearhead strategy to ensure redundancy, data availability and also as a differentiation element in the local and international market,” these the words of the founder of 7networks Stefano Castegnero. It all started with the definition of the 4 main points that would have supported, later, the whole strategy:

– 2 external and different data centers to ensure redundancy
– 1 Internal Data Center
– 1 Public Cloud

If the internal data center was born automatically with the opening of the HQ, and the Public Cloud was entrusted to a giant in the industry, the search for data centers has instead required more efforts to the team. In fact, most of the local Data Centers were discarded for various reasons, mainly due to reliability, cost and distance.


Bancadati immediately entered the list of candidates, competing for the space pre-arranged for the Data Center. Only a few months later, having carefully examined all potential alternatives, the choice of 7networks falls on Bancadati. “We discarded several infrastructures simply because they didn’t give us any competitive advantage in the market,” says Sandro Castegnero, founder of the company. This decision was also motivated by the following three reasons:

Structure → The latest technological standards and service continuity, together with the highest levels of security, made Bancadati the ideal candidate for the installation of 7networks machines. “(……) Of course, ISO Certifications are a real competitive advantage, because that’s exactly what our customers are looking for when we talk about server housing services. It’s a kind of additional reassurance for them.”

Proximity → In the 7networks portfolio, 24/7 support is a key aspect. However, this requires technicians to be able to intervene as quickly as possible if necessary. “Our customers need to be sure that we can react very quickly and effectively.” In this perspective, the proximity of Bancadati to the headquarters of the System Integrator has been fundamental in the decision-making process.

Cost → During the skimming process Bancadati offered a correct price allowing 7networks to be competitive on the market.

“(…)This arrangement allows us to achieve the maximum flexibility without sacrificing the security. A modular and customer-oriented approach completes our offer. “
(S. Castegnero)


By relying on a local infrastructure such as Bancadati, 7networks was able to attract two main categories interested in what the Data Center can offer:

Local companies, driven strictly by cultural motives and interests and by a relationship of trust rather than compliance. In fact, this type of company trusts more than a proximity Data Center that allows them to keep data within national borders.

International companies, attracted above all by the intrinsic values that Switzerland transmits, such as privacy, performance and precision.
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