Published on: September 2020 ; Category: Colocation Solutions

Businesses grow rapidly and so do their IT infrastructures. Sooner or later IT teams are going to make strategic decisions on whether to keep their servers on-prem or to colocate them in a Data Center. The question is important as the answer, and the decision will determine the long-term future of the company. There are many reasons why companies should migrate their infrastructure into a Data Center, instead of keeping them on-prem.


Running an own Data Center could seem to be an attractive option especially for businesses that want to keep information close, and have full control over them. But this solution will soon turn out to be expensive and difficult to manage along time. Power, cooling, networking, and security are just a few examples of the huge costs that a company has to consider. These, in addition to the stress and pressure that the IT department will face for running normal data center operations properly.


Data Centers have several types of security to control the accesses, protect the building from physical attacks, and keep the servers safe from any damage and risk. 24/7/365 active video surveillance, access personal badges and alarms monitoring, are fundamental to meet the current string compliance regulations. All those aspects are hard to implement and maintain well within an on-prem solution


Data Centers spend a big amount of their budgets to keep the structure up to date to ensure customers’ data is available every time. Services like redundant power supplies, batteries and generators are important indeed in case of power outages to guarantee business continuity. These emergency measures are tested regularly to ensure that they don’t fail in crucial moments.


Nowadays businesses’ tolerance for downtime is really low and given the high costs related, it is clear why uptime is one of their main concerns. Choosing a Data Center for servers colocation, means totally removing this responsibility to IT teams that will have more time to provide value in other areas. 


Colocation facilities can easily support company expansion ensuring them a quick and flexible increase when required without important budget investment.

In conclusion, even if every organization has its own IT challenge, the majority of them are seriously considering the shift to Data Centers’ colocation to take advantage of cost savings, reliability, and security associated with it. It’s indeed easier to leverage Data Center’s know-how and experience, rather than recruiting and training internal staff. This will also leave IT teams more time to focus on business crucial aspects.


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