Does your company need to colocate few servers?

Shared Rack Colocation is the solution.

Bancadati offers Shared Rack Colocation for companies that do not require a half or full rack. The entry level for our shared colocation package starts at 4 rack units ( RU ) of space.

Easy Solution
Scale on-demand
Save money

More and more companies are choosing colocation as the solution to place their servers. This because on premise IT infrastructures are not fully reliable and require initial investments and resources for maintaining it. These are primarily the reasons that push small and medium enterprises to choose external Data Centers. But the reality is that not always companies need a half or a full rack.

Bancadati Shared RackSpace is the compromise for customers with smaller colocation requirements. Starting from 4 Rack Units (RU), this solution allows them to store data in an extremely available and secure location at a very competitive price.

How does it work?

you have access to a standard configuration

Rack Units

Starting from 4RU you colocate only the servers you need, without being limited to the half and full rack.


With a minimum of 500W, you can increase power capacity easily in 500W increments depending on your needs. 


Ensure speed and the maximum availability with our internet connection starting from CHF 0.85.- / mbps

to which you can add additional services

Remote Hands

Entrust our Partners for standard pre-paid  support or define with them an ad-hoc bundle to better respond your needs.

Second Plug

Ensure server availability by adding a second plug. Avoid any risk of outages for your business and customers.

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A modern Data Center invests time and resources in maintaining and improving infrastructure’s systems to protect customers against outages. 


High levels of security and control through finger print recognition and video surveillance, will keep your servers in a safe and protected enrivonment.


The large spaces of a colocation facility, allow to increase the number of servers quickly, without investing any amount initial of capital.


A turnkey package at a reduced cost compared to on premise solutions and with all the benefits of a reliable environment.