Bancadati is the Swiss Data center that through to highest level of safety, reliability and stability, allows businesses to start the journey to their Digital Transformation.



The Biometric controls and RFID tags containing users’ credentials, allow them to autonomously access the Data center 24/7.

Electricity Supply

Four electrical panels distribute energy on redundant and separated lines that follow different paths as per TierIV regulation.


Monitoring 24/7 through a video-surveillance system with registration activated by motion detection and H24 assistance.


In case of power failure the UPS machines guarantee power supply continuity to the Data center even during long blackouts

Cooling System

Two redundant wells provide ground water at 12° – 15° to the cooling machines ensuring a stable temperature for servers.

Fire Detection

A double sensor detection system starts working after a very short time controlling the fire without damaging equipment and users.

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July 2020
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Reinforced concrete, certified anti-seismic SIA regulation class 2

Private road accessible to vehicles up to 40t

Uptime 99,9% (max downtime of 1,60 hrs/y)

1,200smq Data center and 1,400smq technical room

Electrical cabinet with medium voltage of 16.000V connected to SIA regulation class 2 of 16’000V

Double separated A and B lines

2 groups of 3 UPS of 300kVA each (N+1)

3 diesel generators of 900kVA each (N+1)

Multi area extinction system with Inergen inert gas

Dual sensor detection

2 redundant wells with a concession of 1’800lt/min

Evaporative tower with adiabatic process of 1’500Kwf to compensate the lack of ground water

30,000 liter 9° water stored in a tank

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

UNI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Video Surveillance 24/7 with registration form motion detection

H24 biometric access and RFID tags containing the credentials

3 Diesel generators of 900 kVA each (N+1)