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Silvio Tarchini e Nicola Moresi

Silvio Tarchini and Nicola Moresi

Bancadati.ch SA is a company born from the desire of two businessmen from Ticino, Silvio Tarchini and Nicola Moresi. Together, they revived the former Data Center of the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing (CSCS), located in Manno.

The new Data Center has infrastructures and technologies that reflect the highest levels of safety and reliability, and last but not least, they guarantee significant energy savings and a great respect for the environment.

Connected to national and international operators, it is able to offer IPv4 and IPv6 Internet links and Transit.

The partners that will benefit from the infrastructure will be able to provide to their customers cutting-edge solutions, perfect for their business, thanks to the presence of the staff of Moresi.com, a model of competence and professionalism.

  • Nicola Moresi
    Nicola Moresi

    He founded Moresi.com in 1998, with the aim of pursuing what seemed a futuristic project: innovative and integrated services and what would eventually be called Cloud Computing.

    Today, Moresi.com is an important reality for the provision of services in the Cloud and it is PCS/DSS, ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 27001-13 certified.

  • Silvio Tarchini
    Silvio Tarchini

    Since 1977, the year in which the first industrial center was created in Mezzovico, Silvio Tarchini has built industrial and shopping centers totalling 250 thousand square meters. Among the most important, we can mention: The “Galleria di Manno’’ centers, the North-South Center of Bioggio, the Gucci logistic center, San Martino center in Mendrisio, FoxTown Factory Stores Mendrisio, and from 2006 FoxTown Shanghai, ACER EUROPE headquarter, Stabio logistic center, Cadenazzo multifunctional center and Bally logistic center in Contone.

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