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Innovation and technology

The Data Center has been completely renewed using the most advanced technology available whilst ensuring a high level of reliability and a great respect for the environment.

High speed connectivity

At the Data Center, all national and international carriers are present, capable of providing IPv4 and IPv6 Internet links and connections. Direct connection to Internet Exchange SwissIX and MIX Milano

100% Swiss tradition SA is a 100% Swiss company: Ownership, Board of Directors and Management, following the Swiss tradition of confidentiality.


- Housing / Colocation
- Dedicated cage
- Private Data Center – Suite
- Disaster Recovery – «as a Service»
- Cloud Computing
- Multi-carrier redundant internet connectivity from 1Mbit/sec to 10Gbit/sec
- IP Transit IPv4/IPv6


Accurate, confidential, and precise data management, in the best Swiss traditions.


Carrier Independent to allow the customer to have ‘’presence’’ on the Internet not subject to the ‘’sale of visibility’’.

Reliability and Uptime

The design, build, and technologies and infrastructures used are a guarantee of uptime and reliability.


The Data Center of is located in the former Swiss center of scientific computing site
24 x 7 x 365 video surveillance, gaseous fire suppression, direct current (dc), and biometric access control system

Gaseous Fire Suppression System

The premises are fully protected against fire thanks to an Inert Gas Fire Suppression System using INERGEN.

Data Center Design

The facility has been designed since the very beginning to accommodate a Data Center, thus ensuring safety and reliability.

2 Generator Sets

Two 1000 KVA generator sets guarantee redundancy in the electricity supply in case of power failure.

1’000 Square Meters Of Data Center

- 24x7x365 Access
– Dual Redundant Power Distribution System
– 2 Cooling Units Of 80 Kw Each
– 2 Generator Sets Of 1mw
– Carrier Meet-Me-Room
– Tier Iv Design
– Internet Exchange Connection

More Than 4000 Square Meters Of Data Center In Suisse

Thanks to our joint ventures, can provide more than 4000 square meters of Data Center

distributed between Melano, Manno, Zurich, Bern, and Geneva with high speed internet access

4 MegaWatt of electrical power

from our own transformer sub-station, the guarantee of always having the power needed

Storage available on our servers
controlled by our anti-spam filters every month

Up to 2.8 MegaWatt of cooling power

20 cooling units of 80 kw each guarantee in redundancy the cooling process, additional area of high density, with dual circuits and a double groundwater well, and redundant pumps.
The cooling process is always and perfectly guaranteed.

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